Granite Supplements Vaso Blast Advanced Pre-Workout

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  • ➤ “STIM-FREE” MAX VASCULARITY & PUMP: VasoBlast focuses on the vascular system instead of the CNS. Max blood flow to deliver oxygen and nutrients to your muscles without the potential side effects of caffeine or other stims.
  • ➤ “OPEN THE PIPES” WITH GRAPESEED EXTRACT: Supports healthy vessel diameter for increased blood flow. GSE has been shown to support NO and the eNOS enzymes from shutting down due to oxidative stress metabolites that can accumulate.
  • ➤ “PUMP UP” THE NITRIC OXIDE WITH ARGININE NITRATE: We deliver arginine in a unique way such that it is converted to Nitric Oxide quickly. We also add Citrulline to compliment the synergistic process of max vasodilation.
  • ➤ “KEEP THE PIPES OPEN” WITH VASODRIVE-AP: VasoDrive-AP acts as an ACE inhibitor that prevents that Angiotensin II chemical from building up and “closing the pipes“ and augments insulin sensitivity and muscle recovery from training stressors.
  • ➤ GAME-CHANGING “3-PROCESS” APPROACH: Dilate the blood vessels, maximize the nitric oxide conversion, and hold off vasoconstriction. Stim-Free makes it a great booster for other workout supplements like Intra-Carb and EAAs.



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