Powerlifting Belt for Men & Women-Weightlifting Belt


  • HIGH QUALITY LEATHER: There are genuine layers of leather. It is not layers glued together cheaply to make thickness as some other brands do. This weight lifting power belt is finished with top quality, fine suede providing non-slip surface.
  • COMPETITION & POWERLIFTING STANDARDS: Men or women weightlifters who buy weight lifting, bodybuilding, and powerlifting belts, such as this premium, powerful, stitched performance workout belt, often participate in competitions, and know they can count on our 10mm belts because they’re USAPL and IPF compliant.
  • DESIGNED TO LONG LAST: Heavy Duty, Stiff, durable leather for great support; Heavy stitching with black suede lining on inside. Perfect to give added support for heavy lifts which require you to brace your core during powerlifting with a height of 4″ across its length, this belt ensures your back, abs and entire core are evenly stabilized for extra power and strength.
  • HEAVY DUTY DOUBLE PRONG: The double roller buckle prongs are precision made, custom zinc plated steel and are unmatched in strength and durability, and it looks great. This belt design allows quick and easy use of the weight lifting belt – Quick ON/OFF.
  • MAXIMUM SUPPORT & COMFORT: Our 10mm thick weight lifting belt conforms to your body shape sooner and is considered by some to be the best and most comfortable thickness for a weight lifting power belt.



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