Sniper Hospital Disinfectant and All-Purpose Cleaner


  • arget Odors: Our all-purpose cleaner and deodorizer fights heavy-duty odors from workplaces and residences. This 32-ounce spray is ideal for all surfaces including counter tops, cars, laundry rooms, closets, and bathrooms.
  • Mild on Surfaces: We’ve formulated this broad-spectrum disinfectant to be gentle on surfaces and noncorrosive. No wiping or scrubbing is necessary; simply spray and walk away. This reduces cleaning time and the need for extra materials.
  • Extremely Versatile: This disinfectant spray can be used to fight messes and odors attributed to pets and other animals, such as urine, as well as many other offending odor sources. It’s suitable for commercial and industrial environments.
  • Tough, Yet Gentle: This liquid cleaner was developed to produce no harsh chemical fumes and to not leave behind surface residue. It’s not necessary to exit a residence or workplace during cleaning process, saving time and disruption.
  • Two-in-One: Unlike many cleaners and deodorizers, this does the work of two or more products. Thanks to its multi-use functionality, you can replace several cleaning products with just one. Your storage room and cabinets will thank you.



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